[GUIDE] Create level 1 wings

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[GUIDE] Create level 1 wings Empty [GUIDE] Create level 1 wings

Post by ChildOfGod on Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:49 pm

Creating Chaos Item
To create a chaos item you need to put in the Chaos Machine 1 Jewel of Chaos + Items upgraded to +4 (or more) with option +4 (or more).
The more upgraded items you put in the machine, the bigger the chance of success.
A successful combination produces a Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Nature Bow or Chaos Lightning Staff.
[/i]Notice: * If your combination fails your items will be downgraded.[/i]

Creating Level 1 Wings
The next step is to upgrade your Chaos Item to +4 with a +4 option (or more) and place it in the machine with another Jewel of Chaos.
Again you can use upgraded items to increase your chance of success.
After a successful combination you will receive Level 1 Wings.
Note that the type of Wings does NOT depend on the type of Chaos Item.
Jewels of Bless, Jewels of Soul, Unicorns, imps and angels also increase the chance of success wings

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