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Post by Snickers on Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:40 pm


In my short presence here i identified a few errors and i would like to share them with the staff so that they can improve our gaming experience Smile

Ring and pendant tooltips provide incorrect information.

Description: Rings and pendants provide an errored information regarding to which element it offers resistance against (ring of ice states it offers resistance to poison, ring of poison to lightning and so on). Please note that only the tooltip is incorrect, the resistances are given to the right element Exclamation

Expected Results: Ring and pendant tooltips will provide a correct information

Severity: Minor

The "Guardian Helm" item is missing from the shop

Description: Zienna Weapon Merchant (the Devias NPC at coordinates 186 47) does not have the "Guardian Helm" item on sale along with the other "Guardian" set items

Expected Results: The NPC will provide the "Guardian Helm" item along with the other "Guardian" set items

Severity: Moderate (Reason: if only for a few hours new players definitely need the armor bonus in specially as elves)

The pink option "Additional Damage" added in bows does not apply

Description: The pink option "Additional Damage" added in bows with harmony and guardian jewels at the Chaos Goblin (coordinates 180 103 Noria) Does not offer any bonus damage. Please note that the "Attack Success Rate" option DOES apply, which makes this a balance issue

Expected Results: The additional damage offered by the pink option will apply to the character.

Request: An administrator or Game Master will check all pink options to see if they apply

Severity: Severe  

The spot at 90 65 (Arena) has only 3 monsters spawning

Description: The spot at 90 65 (Arena) has a NPC spawn number of 3 (one bali and two soldiers)

Expected Results: The spot mentioned will have an equal NPC spawn number as the similar surrounding spots

Severity: Moderate

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, please mark with "Fixed" or "WNF" (will not fix) each of the issues mentioned.

I will return shortly with more bounce

                                                                            IGN: Snickers/Meow

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Bugs / Flaws Empty Re: Bugs / Flaws

Post by Mecanik on Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:00 am

Wow, very very nice! I can say i have never seen a so detalied bug report. 
I will do my best in fixing these issues. Smile

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