[GUIDE] Create level 2 wings

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[GUIDE] Create level 2 wings Empty [GUIDE] Create level 2 wings

Post by ChildOfGod on Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:53 pm

Creating Level 2 Wings and Cape of Lord

To make Level 2 Wings (or Cape of Lord) upgrade your Level 1 Wings to +4 with a +4 option (or more) and place them in the machine with another Jewel of Chaos and 1 Loch's Feather (Crest of Monarch for Cape of Lord).
This time if you want to increase your success chance you cannot use normal upgraded items.
Instead you need Excellent Upgraded items to get a better chance of making Level 2 Wings.
After a successful combination you get a pair of Level 2 Wings.
Again note that the type doesnt NOT depend on the type of your Level 1 Wings.

Notice: * If your combination fails your items will disappear!

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